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2022-2023 Events

September 2022

Mum Sale - September 9

School Supplies Sale - Order until September 30

General Membership Meeting - September 21

October 2022

Every Child Travels Safely - October 15 (tentative)

November 2022


Fall Festival  - Saturday November 5

General Membership Meeting - November 16

Yard/Garage Sale -  November 19

December 2022


Middle School Fun Night. - Friday December 2

January 2022

PTA Raffle

Paint Nite - January 12

General Membership Meeting - January 18

February 2022

Catalog Fundraiser

Dine Out

March 2022

Flower Sale for Drama Production

Middle School Fun Night. - March 10

General Membership Meeting - March 15

April 2022

Used Sneaker Collection

Spring Fest/Earth Day Event - Saturday April 22

May 2022

Dine Out

General Memberhsip Meeting - May 17

June 2022

Used Book Sale

Teacher Appreciation Day

Children's Race

Wednesday September 21

Wednesday November 16

Wednesday January 18

Wednesday March 15

Wednesday May 17

PTA Meetings @ 6:30PM

November 16, 2021

February 2, 2022

April 12, 2022

June 1, 2022

PTA Meetings

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Fall Fest 2022 Flyer.jpg

Menands School PTA

Sponsored Events and Fundraisers


Yearly membership can be obtained through school or online registration. Forms can also be downloaded from PTA website and dropped off in PTA mailbox. PTA dues include the state portion, established by the state PTA bylaws. Memberships registration fee is $6 per member and $4 after the first 2 members. Our PTA membership benefits also provides members with discounts and special offers. Membership is considered to be a fundraising event because it provides the PTA with a necessary portion of our income to host many of our featured events.

Mums Sale

Our annual Mum Sale is held at the beginning of the school year during the first month of school. We offer beautiful mums in a variety of spring colors. They are locally grown and are sold at a low purchase price to the community. Sale flyers are sent home and order forms must be submitted before schedule deadline. Plants are also sold on site. Reminder of pickup date will be sent home prior to the event so parents can pick up their purchased plants the day of distribution. All unsold plants are usually donated to Menands School.

Yankee Candle Fundraiser

Yankee Candle fundraiser is a sale which includes candles of various scents, sizes, accessories and more. You will enjoy the aromatic scents and be able to share them with friends and family. Items can be purchased by catalog and online. Orders are shipped within 3-4 weeks and each seller’s order is individually packaged, making delivery easier for everyone.

Family Fun Night

This event is a fun night for the entire family. Bingo is usually the theme as cards are distributed players arrive. The caller instructs players on game play and winners can select their choice of prize when they hit BINGO! This event is held 2 times a year and is normally setup in school gymnasium. Refreshments and snacks are served to all students and their families.

K-5 Dance


Be sure to wear your dancing shoes to this event. Our younger kids have the opportunity to spend a night with friends and family. This is an exciting party is hosted by a DJ, who creates an enjoyable night shared by students and parents as they dance the night away. It is a interactive and lively setting which will leave many memorable moments for your child to remember.

Middle School Family Fun Night


Middle School Family Fun Night is dedicated to our 6th - 8th grade students. Allowing them to come together as a group and participate in fun activities gives them the opportunity to socialize with friends. Music and refreshments are provided during the course of the night. Students leave with the memories of a fun night shared with close friends.

Multicultural Celebration

Our Multicultural Celebration helps bring our community together and celebrates our school’s diversity. From Armenia to Ireland we represent a vast cultural melting pot. Visitors can tour all the countries represented at Menands School and enjoy a variety of food and performances throughout the night. Each country represented receives a table where they can display artifacts and serve food which will give individuals a better understanding of their culture. This event brings in one of our largest audience. Our Parade of Flags consist of children, from kindergarten to eighth grade, who circle the venue as they wave the flags of over 100 countries. Each child who attends received a passport at the door and must get it stamped as they visited each country. A prize is give the next school day when passports are handed into their teachers.

Krause’s Fundraiser

Krause’s candy fundraiser is always very popular. Sales of delicious homemade candies, chocolates and treats are offered to our family through catalog and online orders. Sales are offered during the Spring. You will enjoy these tasty treats and be able to share them during the Easter holiday.

Menands Apparel

Menands apparel allows students and family to show school pride. Our apparel line ranges for t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts and more. Students not only represent their school but also a unity of togetherness and friendship. This fundraiser is a seasonal sale and forms are sent home with students or can be downloaded on PTA website.

Field Day


Field Day is a fun day filled with games and exciting activities. Students are grouped by grade and allowed to participate in a variety of entertaining activities. From relay races to water games, our students enjoy a great day spent with friends and staff. PTA sponsors this event and by paying for students t-shirts. Every student gets a t-shirt which is color coordinated according to grade level. Shirts can also be purchased individually by family members. Snacks and refreshments are available during the course of the day. Lunch is usually given prior to the start of the event. Parents, friends and family members are allowed to attend and look on as students participate in field day activities. Our water slide activity is assisted by Menands Fire Department. This event requires a large amount of volunteers and supplies can be donated.

Staff Appreciation Luncheon

Our Staff Appreciation Luncheon is an annual event held to thanking our staff for a job well done. Volunteers donate and organize an array of entrees and deserts to show their appreciation to Menands School employees at the end of the school year. This event recognize their accomplishments and effort so they'll not only feel your gratitude, but also be encouraged to continue the hard work in the future.


Field Goods


Field Goods are fresh foods fruits and vegetables which are delivered weekly to Menands School from local small farms. This promotes a better way to eat local produce year-round. Anyone (school or community) can sign up to at the Field Goods website and select Menands School as the delivery site. Your produce is delivered in bags that cost $16, $21, $27, or $32 per week and are sent home with a newsletter that tell what you are be getting and what to do with it. Once signed up, you can manage your own accounts for deliveries.

PTA Sponsored Funds

Visiting Author                                  

Spelling Bee                                     

Teachers Choice Fund                       

Yearbook Advertisement   

Drama Club

8th Grade Gift                

Camp Trip

Graduation Awards and Refreshments


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