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Multicultural Celebration

Our Multicultural Celebration helps bring our community together and celebrates our school’s diversity. From Armenia to Ireland we represent a vast cultural melting pot. Visitors can tour all the countries represented at Menands School and enjoy a variety of food and performances throughout the night. Each country represented receives a table where they can display artifacts and serve food which will give individuals a better understanding of their culture. This event brings in one of our largest audience. Our Parade of Flags consist of children, from kindergarten to eighth grade, who circle the venue as they wave the flags of over 100 countries. Each child who attends received a passport at the door and must get it stamped as they visited each country. A prize is give the next school day when passports are handed into their teachers.

Dinner (Themed)


PTA sponsored dinners have had many themes in the past. From Spaghetti to BBQ dinners our families come out to enjoy a tasty meal as they dine and socialize together.. This event is held in the school gymnasium and meals can be pre-ordered in advance. Tickets are presented at pickup and are also sold at the door. Take out is available for purchase.


Mixed Bag Sale


Our Mixed Bag Sale offers a variety of styles, fashion and fun sustainable designs made from high quality and user-friendly materials. Families can order reusable grocery bag, totes and handbags, home storage and more. This fundraiser catalogs are offered twice a year (Fall/Spring).

School Banking Program


School banking system collects student deposits, manages banking operations and processes the deposits at local bank. This gives student the opportunity to learn how to save and for the future.

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